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Minor ENT Procedures Specialist

Shamala Mohanasundaram, M.D. -  - Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Shamala

Shamala Mohanasundaram, M.D.

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Nasal congestion and blocked ears can have you feeling under the weather, clog your nasal and sinus passageways, and cloud your thinking. At her practice in Los Gatos, California, family medicine physician Dr. Shamala provides minor ENT procedures to get you feeling better, give you symptom relief, and enhance your general wellness. You don’t have to deal with impaired hearing, sniffles, sneezing, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Receive caring medical support and effective treatments when you visit Dr. Shamala’s office. Click the online booking tool or call the office for an appointment today.

Minor ENT Procedures Q & A

Why would I need a minor ENT procedure?

You might need a minor ENT procedure for a number of reasons, including earwax blockage and a buildup of fluid and inflammation that’s impairing your hearing, causing pain, and blocking or narrowing your ear canal.

Earwax (cerumen) is produced by the special wax-forming glands in the skin of the outer third of your ear canal. It’s normal to have wax or cerumen in your ear canal. This waxy substance acts as a protective, lubricating, antibacterial, self-cleaning agent.

To treat earwax blockage (cerumen impaction), Dr. Shamala might suggest watchful waiting, lifestyle changes, or ear cerumen/wax irrigation. With an irrigation procedure, Dr. Shamala carefully uses a syringe to rinse out your ear canal with saline or water, usually after the wax has been dissolved or softened by a cerumenolytic. In some cases, Dr. Shamala might need to remove the wax manually with special instruments, such as a cerumen spoon, forceps, or suction device.

Dr. Shamala also provides bifid earlobe repair to repair a split or torn earlobe.

You, or more commonly, your child, might also have a foreign body in the ear that needs to be removed. The most common foreign bodies found are plastic toys, food, and small household items. Dr. Shamala can perform minor ENT procedures to remove foreign bodies from the ear canal.

What are the symptoms of earwax blockage?

If you have earwax blockage, you might have certain symptoms, such as:

  • Earache
  • A feeling of fullness in your ears
  • Partial hearing loss
  • Tinnitus or ringing noises in your ear
  • Odor, itching, or discharge from your ears
  • Dizziness 

You might also experience pain in your ears.

What are the benefits of minor ENT procedures?

Shamala, MD, provides minor ENT procedures due to the many benefits. Not only can you find relief from your symptoms and pain and protect the health of your ears, nose, throat, and sinuses, you also get the expertise, knowledge, and support of Dr. Shamala — an expert family medicine physician.

Minor ENT procedures also offer benefits, such as:

  • Typically performed in-office
  • Often quick and convenient
  • Often provide fast or immediate relief
  • Usually have little to no downtime
  • Advanced and effective procedures

Dr. Shamala can explain the minor ENT procedures in detail during your personal consultation, so you can feel more prepared and know what to expect. She helps you determine if a minor ENT procedure is the right step to protect and improve your health and wellness. 

If you have questions about minor ENT procedures and you’d like to book your appointment, call Dr.Shamala’s office or click the online booking tool today.