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In-House Lab Specialist

Shamala Mohanasundaram, M.D. -  - Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Shamala

Shamala Mohanasundaram, M.D.

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician located in Los Gatos, CA

True medical experts dig deeper and shine a spotlight on your health with innovative, effective, and convenient health tests. In Los Gatos, California, board-certified family medicine physician Dr. Shamala knows that a few tests can make a big difference to your health and help pinpoint what could be causing your symptoms. From CT scans and X-rays to EKGs and flu testing, visit Dr. Shamala’s office, for in-house lab testing and outstanding medical care. Click the online booking tool or call the office today for an appointment.

In-House Lab Q & A

What is an in-house lab?

An in-house lab refers to medical testing that’s usually performed in-office and commonly used to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of a number of medical conditions.

Dr. Shamala provides routine labs, screenings, scans, and blood work and more extensive testing.

Why would I need in-house labs?

Dr. Shamala might suggest in-house labs and testing to:

  • Screen for certain genetic conditions
  • Assess your overall health
  • Look for an infection
  • Check your cholesterol
  • Look at your inflammatory markers
  • Evaluate how your organs are functioning, such as your liver or kidneys 

Dr. Shamala can help you prepare for your labs. For example, with some blood tests, you might need to fast for up to 12 hours or stop taking certain medications.

Make sure you follow the detailed instructions you’re given to get the most accurate test results.

What are some of the available in-house labs?

Dr. Shamala provides various in-house labs and testing.

Complete blood count

A complete blood count (CBC) tests different markers of your blood and allows Dr. Shamala to evaluate your overall health and identify many disorders, such as anemia, leukemia, and infections.

Flu testing

Different types of flu testing are available. Some flu tests work by detecting the part of the virus that prompts your immune response. Other flu tests identify the genetic material of the virus. 

Testing can usually be performed via a blood test, a nose or throat swab, or a respiratory specimen.

Strep testing

A strep throat test is usually a simple throat swab to detect the presence of group A streptococcus bacteria that can lead to strep throat and other infections like pneumonia.


An EKG (electrocardiogram) is a test that’s specially designed to record the electrical signals of your heart. Dr. Shamala uses an EKG to assess your heart health and check for any abnormalities.


X-rays are electromagnetic waves — a type of radiation. X-rays produce detailed images inside your body that show parts of your body in varying shades of white and black due to the different tissues that absorb different amounts of radiation.

CT scan

A CT scan (computed tomography) uses computer-processed combinations of X-ray measurements taken from varying angles to produce cross-sectional images of certain areas. CT scans are effective in detecting joint and bone problems.


An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) uses strong magnetic fields, radio waves, and magnetic field gradients to generate images of bodily organs.

If you’re interested in testing, labs, screening, or blood work to delve deeper into your health, call Dr. Shamala’s office or book an appointment online today.